Choco’s 6th Birthday!

Hello everyone! It’s Choco’s 6th birthday today. He is getting sooo old! 😀




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Build a Bear Fail!

Hello everyone!

So, when I went to Build a Bear, I picked out a lovely yellow minion and named him Stuart. They stuffed him with lovely fluff, and then sewed him up.

…..BUT, I kind of failed when it came to typing his birth certificate:


I accidentally typed ‘Sturt’ instead of Stuart. Is Sturt a real name? I don’t know. Anyways, have a nice day, dearest reader.


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Daisy’s Schoolbag

Hello readers! My name is Daisy the bunny, and my mummy let me do a post today. I want to show you what is in my bag for school. I have this trendy backpack from Build a Bear. It’s all sparkly and cute!


I don’t have too much in there. If I did, it would be hard for me to carry because I’m just a little bunny! I need stationary to write and draw. Colourful pencils, check, funky ruler, check…


I don’t know if we’re allowed music players, but I have one anyway. Hehe!


So when my bag is packed, I got to school with mummy. Off I go…


Hope to post again soon! Bunny hugs,

Daisy xxx

Note: This was originally posted on my other blog, Olivia’s Sylvanian Stuff, but it is quite old so most people have probably never seen it.

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Rare Holiday Picture…

Hello everyone! Today I found a photo that I took on a holiday a while back, and it has our very wonderful pup Snowy in it!


He is with his friends Peter (the tiny teddy bear), Iceberg (the seal) and Just Doggy (the bulldog, J.D. for short).


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Flower dresses up

Hello everyone! Today I came home from school to find silly little Flower the lamb under my bed. She had raided my jewelllery box and this is what she looked like:


Oh Flower, you silly sausage! Anyway, I thought that she looked quite cute!

I am currently out of post ideas for this blog, so please comment if you have any ideas or requests. 🙂


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Simple paper heart

Hello everyone! After yesterday’s post, a couple of people asked me how I made the red heart that was in the photo. It was just a quick little thing that I did last-minute, but it actually looked ok.

You will need:

  • Paper (it can be whatever colour you want the heart to be)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil/Pen

First, you fold your piece of paper in two.

Next, you draw half of a heart on one side. It can be hard to get the right shape and size. 🙂


After that, carefully cut it out.

Fold your piece of paper out, and ta-da! You can use the heart shape and the original piece of paper too.



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